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Practice for Oral Hygiene Oud-Zuid

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Mahé Piscaer and Yvonne IJzerman, both graduated as dental hygienists at ACTA. We have worked for some time at the Periodontology department at ACTA in both staff treatment and clinical research. We started this practice together in 2000. Since 2018, Simone Botman has been working as a dental hygienist in our practice every other week on Wednesdays. She graduated from the Vu (currently ACTA). She has worked in various practices and now works in her independent practice in Alphen aan de Rijn, a nursing home and is a board member of the NVvP (Dutch Association for Periodontology).

We are affiliated with:

Ivoren Kruis

Dutch Association for Oral Health


Dutch Association of Dental Hygienists


Dutch Association for Periodontology


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